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What can we do for you

​​Rainfallcatchment.com.  Is a service oriented web page.  We don't sell anything except design work and consulting.  We are able to create designs for anyone, anywhere.
We do not sell any materials or do installations but will gladly refer anyone to
     and others in the industry .
 We will also do our best to help with information on  regulations, building codes and where to find information about legality in other states.

Please use Rainfallcatchment.com as your clearinghouse for information and direction

​Workshops and Training
​Workshops, seminars and Training can be scheduled with Tim Pope at your location.  Call for additional details.  Tim has been teaching workshops for  9 years all over North America

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Northwest Water Source

Tim Pope

Northwest Water Source/Tim Pope is the sole owner of Rainfall Catchment.com
 We have been very active in the Rainwater Catchment/Rainwater Harvesting Industry for over 20 years.

We have designed and Installed over 280 Potable Rainfall Catchment systems over this time.  These systems are for whole house use including drinking water.  All of these systems have been installed due to reduced or lost drinking water supplies.  These systems  are replacing wells that have gone dry or have become contaminated with Salt Water by intrusion.

We also have quite a bit of experience with commercial systems

Several counties in Washington State will allow homeowners to receive a new building permit with Rainfall Catchment as the sole source.  These permits are being issued as there are no other resources available.

Some of these systems have been in place for over 15 years and are proving to be reliable and safe.
  • Has been designing and building Rainfall Catchment systems for over 20 years
  • Is a proud lifetime member of ARCSA
  • Is Past President of ARCSA
  • Served 8 years on the ARCSA board
  • Is Past Educational Coordinator
  • Is a current Accredited Professional Instructor since 2007
  • Was a contributor to the current codes and the new ARCSA manual published November 2015
  • Is an Accredited Professional Master

ARCSA (American Rainfall Catchment Systems Assn).

ARCSA is the leading Rainfall Catchment/Rainwater Harvesting organization in North America.  ARCSA is a 501c3 registered non-profit educational assn.  
ARCSA has been working with others to promote Rainwater Catchment for both residential and commercial.
ARCSA members have been working for the last 6 years  with ASPE (Association of Plumbing Engineers) IAPMO(International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)  As a result of these colaborations both ARCSA/ASPE 63 and 78 have been accepted as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) .  ARCSA is also collaborating with NSF international, ICC, and CSA (Canadian Standards Assn.
jARCSA has been teaching AP workshops since 2007
ARCSA has had national conference in 2003,2005, and annually since 2007
ARCSA is a very benificial organization to join and maintains a sizeable library.

​Join ARCSA at     www.arcsa.org